We can pack (almost) anything!

We manufacture custom blister packs to suit the wishes and requirements of our customers. We are able to use PET, PVC, PS and similar materials to create packs of various sizes and shapes. All our products are manufactured using modern, fully automated production equipment. We offer an individual, flexible approach and affordable prices.

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Custom packaging

Custom packaging
is our speciality

Not only can we make packs to specifications, we can also design complex and optimal packaging methods.

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The environment
is important to us

Upon customer request, we are able to use a material comprising almost 100% recycled plastic. Using this material saves about 5,000 kg of CO2 per/tonne of material produced. Our modern technologies also allow for the use of 80% recycled material to produce top quality products suitable for packaging food. Coloured packs can also be made from biodegradable material. This is our contribution to a cleaner environment. The choice is always up to you.

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Obal na míru

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Our products

Snap-in blisters

These are composed of two parts. The upper part fits the product, the underside is flat. Both parts of the pack fit together securely due to locking tabs, allowing for quick and productive packaging. The packs can be repeatedly opened and closed, or they can be welded shut.

We make two types of snap-in blisters:

Both parts are pressed out of a single piece with a fold in the middle, allowing the pack to be closed like a book and stay closed due to the aforementioned tabs.

Who do we manufacture for

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Your solution

What we can offer

How it works

  • We will prepare a price quote

    Before we get started, you will know how much it is going to cost.

  • 3D design and mould

    We will use 3D visualisation to approve the pack design, and we will make a sample for you.

  • Serial production

    We begin large-scale production using our automated production equipment.

  • Distribution and delivery

    We are happy to deliver your new packs to you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We use Solidworks software to create a 3D model, the final visualisation of the package including the product, 2D drawings and entire assemblies of parts.

You do not need this software to preview your new package; we will supply you the data in a 3D PDF format that allows you to view the product from every angle. For complex parts, the fit can be tested using a 3D printed sample.

All our products are manufactured using modern, fully automated production equipment with Siemens control systems. We use CNC machining to create our tools, which we then use in combination with our construction system to create the final package that fits the visualisation shown to the customer.

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Manufacturing process

A family business with tradition

Get to know us
we've done a lot

AMIWELL is a progressive company that has manufactured packaging materials since 1991. It is also a wholesaler of electrical components.

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